Monday, February 7, 2011

[General IT]–How to export the ‘on behalf of’ address of all emails in a folder in Outlook

We recently hired a new I.T. assistant at Bornhorst + Ward, and I wanted to email everyone who applied for the job to let the know the position was no longer available. I had all the application emails in one folder, and just needed to extract the email addresses.

If the emails were sent direct to me, that is easy to do, you can do it using the import and export wizard.

Just go to export to a file


Choose CSV


Select the folder


Name the CSV


and you are done, open it in excel and you have the addresses.

But, a number of applications came through a web based job advertisement board, which sends the emails from ‘ on behalf of’. Unfortunately this information seems really hard to get to in outlook. You could hit reply on each email one by one, but the import and export wizard, and the field chooser both don’t give you access to this.

Luckily, there is a free export add-in which can do it. CodeTwo Outlook Export is available from their website, download the 32bit or 64bit version based on what version of Office you installed – probably 32bit and install it.

You can then go to the folder and hit the tiny export button


Click the ‘add’ button to select a new field and choose ‘Sent on behalf of (address)’


Then just follow the wizard, and you’ll have a CSV file with the actual address for you to email.

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