Monday, February 21, 2011

[General-Dev]–Visual Studio Colour Schemes

I previously posted about my usage of a dark colour scheme for Visual Studio 2008. I find darker colour schemes a lot easier to stare at all day than the white background ones. However I recently ran into an issue with the scheme I was using. I started using the new ASP.NET MVC Razor View Engine for my mark-up, and it appears my colour scheme had not been setup for it, so I was getting some pretty horrible colour combinations.

I went online to find an updated theme and I came across this great website: It features a nice clean gallery of various visual studio styles, which are tagged and rated. I ended up choosing WekeRoad Ink, which was very easy to install. Here’s how you do it:

First, download the vssettings file from by clicking ‘Download this scheme’ then in Visual Studio go to Tools > Import and Export settings. Choose ‘Import selected environment settings’


Click next, and on the next screen select where to save a backup of your current settings


Click next, hit browse and find the vssettings file you downloaded


Hit next and then finish, and your settings will be imported and setup. If you don’t like them and want to swap back, simply import your backed up settings over the top of them.

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