Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[Revit API] Resource Guide – Free Download

At Autodesk University 2009 (call for proposals now open for 2010) I did a presentation on ‘How the Autodesk Revit API has saved our company time and money – and how it can do the same for yours’.

This presentation consisted two parts. First, I demonstrated a number of tools, we have made, and how they have helped our drafters, then secondly I presented all of the different resources I used to learn the API and how I utilized them.

To accompany the second part, I created a handout with links and information on all of the Revit API resources I knew of, and the order in which I would use them when creating a Revit program.

Jeremy Tammik suggested that I should upload this handout for others to make use of, which is a great suggestion. I must apologise to him as it had slipped my mind until recently. I’ve now edited it a little, and uploaded it to my web hosting, for anyone to download and pass onto others.

I realise that this is coming out a bit late in the Revit 2010 lifecycle, but I plan on updating it with any new information that comes out of Revit 2011, and will make a blog post about that when I do.

Here it is: Revit API Resource Guide by Rod Howarth

Let me know if there is any errors, or questions you have that relate to it.

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