Thursday, March 25, 2010

[Revit 2011] – Massive Changes for the Revit API

My Handy USA Pacific Timezone clock in my Windows 7 Taskbar tells me that it’s ticked over to March 25 in the USA, which means the NDA has been lifted for Revit 2011 products.

Here are some of my highlights from the new API:

  • New FilteredElementCollector for better filtering of elements
  • New add-in registration me.chanism, no more Revit.ini fiddling!
  • Tighter integration with the Revit UI
  • You can now ask users to pick an object or a point.
  • Dynamic Model Update – changes to elements can raise an event, so you can run an add-in on a change to a certain element!
  • Performance updates across the board

There are so many more changes too, but those are my favourites so far.

For those that have already made tools for Revit 2010, the API namespaces have changed drastically, there is a lot more work than usual to be done to convert your tools over.

I plan on releasing some blog posts on the new features, as I’m sure some of the other Revit API bloggers are as well. I am very excited for the Revit 2011 release both in the API and the general program.

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