Friday, August 31, 2007

How to create a site programmatically in WSS 3.0

As part of a project I am working on, I need to make a lot of sharepoint websites based off the same customized template. I'm obviously not going to sit there and click over and over, so here's how to do it in C#, I hosted this in an ASPX page and ran it on the server. SPSite newSite = new SPSite("http://server/siteurl"); SPWeb newWeb = newSite.OpenWeb(); newWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true ; newWeb.Update(); SPWebCollection subsites = newWeb.Webs; SPWeb newSubWeb = subsites.Add("siteurl", "sitetitle", "sitedescription", 1033, "template.stp", true, false); remember to add a reference to 'Windows SharePoint Services' and add 'using' lines for: using Microsoft.SharePoint; using Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities; The AllowUnsafeUpdates part of the code allows you to do your method in the GET section of the code, for example Page_Load, I believe you might not need this if you do your work in a postback, ie by adding a button to click. To create a custom template, I simply created a website, customized it, and went to Site Actions -> Site Settings then under look and feel clicked "Save site as template". When you fill out that page it is important to take note of the filename you give it! As this is used in the code above. I called mine BWJob, so my template was BWJob.stp. If you forget this name, you can find it in the Site Template gallery. If you want to use a default template, refer to Todd Baginski's blog, he has a list of what to write in the template section. This information is also available in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\1033\XML\WEBTEMP.XML - it follows the strucutre of "Template Name#Configuration ID" so Team Site is "STS#0" instead of "template.stp". This method worked well for me.


Anonymous said...

Thanx Man, I was Missing the Update() Call in my code. It works fine for me now.

Thanx for blogging!

Jar said...

Don't forget to dispose of your SPSite and SPWeb objects when you're done with them!


While it's not the end of the world, omitting this code will cause more and more memory to be consumed over time.

See the following MS KB article:


Rod said...

Thanks gizzy!

Unknown said...

Where do I put the spsite code to make this work? I would love to have a page I can post to that will create a new subsite.

Unknown said...

One downside to creating sites from a site template rather than using a site definition or feature is that you will replicate any unghosted files in the template. You will also need to make changes to each site that uses the template if additions/changes are needed. With a feature or site def, the files live on the file server and can be updated centrally. Those changes will be reflected in all the sites using the feature or site template (assuming they have not been customized).

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, Rod. I've been looking all over to find where to find the info for the template parameter.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I tried to create a custom site and save it as the template to use in my code behind for new site. However, it created the new site correctly but it lose the parent breadcrum. Anyone run into the same issue? Thanks in advance for any feedback.