Friday, August 24, 2007

Disabling Internet Explorers advanced security configuration

I came across this problem today, in server 2003 I couldn't click 'OK' on my own sharepoint page, I figured this was because of the enhanced security. To remove it, go to control panel, add remove programs, change to windows components, and 'Internet Explorer Enhanced security configuration' is a component, deselect it, and click next. It should disable it, then when you fire up internet explorer you should see:
Caution: Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is not enabled
Perfect! Problem solved, I can click OK now! My pages load faster as well.


Justin said...

Thanks for posting this one, Rod, it's been a headache for a while. Now I have a customer that's using Quickbooks and running it from the server, and the IE security settings were causing a real headache!

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