Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Revit API]–Revit 2012 and Vendor IDs

The NDA has lifted on Revit 2012, and Jeremy Tammik has posted a summary of the Revit API changes and additions. I hope to add some Revit 2012 information as I get stuck into it over the coming weeks, however for now I wanted to throw up a post to tell you about the new Vendor ID’s.

In Revit 2012, each add-in that you make must be associated with a ‘Vendor ID’, which is an Autodesk Registered Developer Symbol. In the .addin manifest file you must enter this vendor ID as another field. This helps to identify who made the application, and also is used for some great new features like the ‘Extensible Storage’, which lets you put some private API data in the model that only addins with your Vendor ID can use.

While you may not have started developing Revit 2012 addins yet, I recommend you go and register a Developer Symbol on the Autodesk website ASAP. Developer Symbols (aka Vendor ID) are 4 characters in length, meaning there is a limited number of combinations. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what combination you choose, but it would certainly be nice to have one that relates to your company wouldn’t it? The example Autodesk uses is ADSK for their vendor ID.

Head on over and register it today, it’s really easy, you just need to fill out a form like this:


Though a point to note, this page says that all fields in Bold are required, and the fax number is in bold. Before you begin on a rant on how we should be in the 21st century and a fax number should not be required, relax, this is an error – you don’t need to enter in a fax number.

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