Saturday, May 22, 2010

[Revit] RTC 2010 + AU 2010

Over the last few days I’ve been attending the Revit Technology Conference in Sydney, Australia. Just finished doing my presentation on the Revit API which went well.

I encourage you to check out the conference, which while it is in Sydney this year, there is going to be a USA version next year as well. It is well run, a min-AU of sorts.

Speaking of AU, as you’ve probably heard voting is open for classes for this year. I have a couple of submissions in, first is an Introduction to the Revit API class, and the second one I am a co-presenter on.

A colleague of mine, Paul Cashman has submitted a class to discuss setting up a family library in your office, and some great tips, procedures and what not on how to encourage people to participate, set out the library well, keep quality and to document it. I am listed as a co-presenter as I will be talking for a little while on our Family Management system, which if you saw my AU or RTC class involves a web based interface which links in with Revit to provide up to date information and documentation on families, versioning and other information. It has also been recently updated to allow an audit on your model, to find out of date families & load the latest in.

It would be great if you have an AU site account to vote for that class, as it would be great to share the details of that with you all! I’m not sure if these direct links work, but here is a link to vote on that particular class! If it doesn’t, the class is called ‘Establishing and Maintaining a Revit Family Library’


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