Friday, February 26, 2010

[Revit API] OleDB Jet Driver for interacting with Excel files in 64bit Revit

A common problem with 64bit development with Revit is the inability to use the Microsoft Jet OleDB driver to read and write to Excel files easily.

In the Getting Started With Revit API.doc file in the 2010 Revit SDK it states:

Note that there are some Microsoft components (such as OleDB provider for Microsoft Jet) that are not supported for 64-bit. All SDK samples are set up to work with either 32-bit or 64-bit Revit, except those samples that have dependencies to unsupported Microsoft components.

Basically, the problem has been that the 3rd party DLL file which is supplied by Microsoft did not have a 64bit version.

While this problem has not yet affected me in my development, I know a few people have mentioned it so I thought I’d pass on something I read today: How to get a x64 version of Jet? on MSDN blogs.

Apparently the beta of Office 2010 has the 64bit dll file everyone has been looking for, it is available HERE.

I hope this helps you out if you have run into this problem.


Jason Grant said...

Rod - I have this simple interface for Revit so that one can create sheets more quickly. I too have found the interface with excel to be difficult as my programming skills are pretty basic. Any other pointers you can give to how others, like you, work around this since there are many APIs that do utilize excel. If you can share, thanks.

Here is the addin I was mentioning.

skeletank said...

So if I am running 64bit Revit with 32bit MS Office then I am out of luck, correct? I tried downloading from the link that you provided but the install erred and told me that I can't install the 64bit drivers with 32bit office. In addition, Microsoft doesn't even recommend using Office 2010 64bit.