Monday, September 28, 2009

Programming for beginners

I’ve seem quite a few instances now of people who are Revit Users that would like to be Revit Programmers as well. I came to Revit development from the other way – I have a background in I.T. and was taught Revit on a need to know basis (this is how you do it in Revit, now go code it, nerd boy!).

If you are someone daunted by programming in general, or perhaps you are someone who did a bit of Autocad customization and doesn’t know much about .NET, a good place to start might be at the MSDN Beginner Developer Learning Centre.

I always recommend that before you try to learn how to program in Revit, you try to understand C#/VB.Net, the .NET framework and software development in general. This site can help you do that, It has a few different tracks (Windows Track is probably best bet for Revit) that you can work through.

Let me know if it helped you out, or if you have any better resources!

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Rajeev said...

Nice to know that you are into Revit Customization :)

Another good source to get started with C# is

If someone is interested in learning Autodesk Inventor Customization using C#, check out my blog posts at