Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Revit API Search Engine

Hi all,
I had an idea today whilst doing some research for an API program I'm attempting to create.  My normal procedure for this after exhausting my usual resources (SDK, RvtMgdDbg etc), is to search a few of the Revit API blogs out there, then AUGI, forums etc.

I've found this 'Google custom search' feature that Google has now - you can setup your own search engine to only search certain sites. So I decided to create own with Revit API resources. is the full link. I’ve created a slightly easier redirect page at

The blogs I’ve got there at the moment are:

I've added AUGI and forums in there now, but I'm having trouble restricting the results to just Revit API sections.. are the two links I’ve inserted, and I can choose one of these options:
Include all pages this page links to
Include all partial sites this page links to
Include all sites this page links to

I've experimented with the first 2, and found they still seem to show up results from other forum sections, so I'll have to keep working on that.
My goal here is to try and narrow the results down to the API as much as possible - ie not find info about what buttons to click to insert columns in Revit when you are trying to do it programmatically.

If anyone would like to suggest sites to index please let me know! I’ve started a discussion about AUGI HERE.


Ed said...

Excellent idea Rod, and I'm honoured to be included!

I'll take a look now and I'll put up a post about it too.


Erik said...