Monday, August 18, 2008

Increase vista performance

A tweak I am doing on all Vista machines in the office here, is this: Go into control panel, choose classic mode - > Performance Information and Tools -> Adjust Visual Effects -> 'Choose for Best Performance' (this turns off everything) and then in the list check: - show thumbnails instead of icons - Smooth edges of screen fonts - Use visual styles on windows and buttons (to turn these 3 back on) These 3 are personal preference, but the last one especially makes a big difference in looks when it is turned on, without this your theme stays on the 'windows classic' mode, looking like windows 98 did. So if you don't like that theme, leave that one checked. This will get rid of someof the Vista looks, though it doesn't look all that different, and will make it feel alot 'snappier', especially due to the lack of fading in and out which makes your system appear slower.

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Anonymous said...

I'd definately leave font smoothing turned on, as it's minimal performance hit isn't worth the eye strain that comes with starting a pixelated fonts.

ClearType ftw, too.