Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to update your facebook status via SMS

This post is a little different to my usual posts, in that it's not overly technical. I recently discovered Twitter, after initially thinking it would be useless, I've been thinking of more and more good uses for it, particularly to do with the API and the SMS functionality. But one that I don't need to code, is to update your facebook status via SMS. All you need to do is create a Twitter account, setup the SMS section of it (really easy), and then in your facebook, add TwitterSync (There is another twitter app too, but it wasn't working when I tried it). You dont need to put in your password if your twitter is public (as they are by default), then just allow it to update your facebook status when it asks and you are set. If you use your twitter for things you dont want to show on facebook (I use it to send reminders to myself for when I get home), there is a section in setup to put certain characters that tell facebook that its not meant to be your facebook display. I put "Nf" as mine, but you could put anything. It would be good if they could do it the other way (ie only update facebook status if you put facebook as the first word or something), but I haven't found this feature (let me know if its there!) Then you are all set, be careful, you'll get addicted and flood your facebook with useless updates, remember, your friends don't care if you are buying new toothpaste!


suomynona said...

It looks as though this no longer works. Will have to find another way to SMS status updates to Facebook. Thanks though :)

Anonymous said...