Thursday, March 20, 2008

Using Revit KeyboardShortcuts for your external commands

In the previous post, I showed you how to connect your external commands into Revit, ready to be opened from the Tools -> External Tools menu. But what if you want to make a shortcut to it, lets say for example you want to create "HW" as the shortcut for your Hello World application. All you need to do is go to your Revit program directory, and open KeyboardShortcuts.txt, then scroll down to the Tools section, and add: "HW" menu:"Tools-External Tools-Hello World" Where HW is your shortcut, and Hello World is the ECName you added. Then typing HW in revit will open your command, easy!


Anonymous said...

This is cool, however, I'm more interested in any advances you've made in Revit to sharepoint intergration. We also have poor performance when saving to central when more the 5 people are in the file and made changes, do you have the same problems?

lots more I'd like to do with SharePoint and Revit. Check out and let me know what you think. This doesn't give you access to project sites but you might have some imput on making this better.

Jeremy Benisek

Rod said...

G'day Jeremy, thank for visiting.

Unfortunately I have not tried anything to do with revit and sharepoint integration. Though the thought intrigues me, at the moment, our central files are just on a network drive which works ok for us. We have not adopted sharepoint to a great deal just yet, our business has only used it for its wiki, discussions and blog features so far, which are great (we have a wiki of revit tips)

we have looked at using sharepoint for projects, and it has some functionality there but its just customizing it to meet our needs and user friendliness well that is something we need to put some more thought into.