Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Office 2007 Customization Tool: APPEXTENSIONWARNINGS setting error

In my efforts to deploy office 2007 to my workplace, I used the Office 2007 Customization tool, which is available by running Setup.Exe (on the disk) with /admin switch applied.

I went through and spent alot of time considering each and every setting and selecting what I thought was best, then went to save my hard work and received this error:

I had no idea where this error came from, and a google search returned nothing.

So I experimented saving at regular intervals, and found that the error seems to be coming from the 'Office security settings' section, in the bottom box whenever I enabled 'Microsoft Office Excel - Application Add-ins warning options' it seems to crash. I just did not configure a setting from this and all seems to have gone well.

I'd say its a program bug, best to steer clear of that setting.

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